October 2018
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“They get been taken to court by the Feds. No chance until they come out.”
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“Gray,” she whispered, her voice was shaking and he could tell she was mean.
“Aren’t you splendid?” she said with a smile.
“Shit! Shit! Shit!” Charlie dropped her jackstaff and rushed over to Nathan. He stood up, showing her the hook that was now buried into his flesh. Charlie bit her lip and turned his hand backwards and forwards, trying to see how deeply embedded the hook might be.
India kissed my veneer confront, my eyes, my nose, my cheeks then pushed her tongue between my lips. “I fancy your cock inside me.”
“They get been taken to court by the Feds. No chance until they come out.”
First I could abandon myself a loud cry tore from my lips as I tried to roll out of the damned soft bed. I couldn’t pinch but wince as I heard her foot falls coming from the living reside into the bedroom. Untactful of the head ache that she couldn’t possibly have known that I had, she flicked on the hit on switch. That one bantam action, sent a torrent of pain into my brain that seemed to consume my entire body, as the lodgings was flooded with a hundred watts of illumination. I was helpless to do more than bury my face into the pillow, pleading with her to kill the lights.


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