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“And what colours do you prefer?”
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His grip on her hair was bordering on careful, but she didn’t care. She needed him, every last bit of him. The harder he pulled her against him, into him, the closer she wanted to be.
“And what colours do you prefer?”
‘I poured it on your chest, then licked it off,’ she said, smirking.
Harry was not doing well. Sandra’s insufferably sudden departure had flayed then crushed him. He sat hunched over the bench while Oldman made small items from the scraps left over from the construction of larger things. Harry raised a whiskey alcoholic drink and drank from the neck. Oldman complained.
She slid over his body, moving fore and back, her crotch pushing against his thigh, arousing her even further. “Oh, God, Jimmy, entertain…”
Tuptim jumped up onto the meagre half wall between the sink and the washroom. She clearly wanted some more attention. Placing the bottles back in the cabinet, she reached over and petted Tuptim. Lifting her hand up, the cat reared up on her hind legs so that she could keep get hold of with Suzanne’s hand. It always made Suzanne grin. “I can’t leave you, can I?” she whispered. There were moments when that was all that stopped Suzanne. Going back to getting ready, she brushed her teeth and then went into the bedroom. Tuptim stuck with her the full way. As soon as she was settled, the little cat jumped up and snuggled down unconnected with Suzanne. Like usual, she picked a spot that was just barely within reach, forcing Suzanne to balloon in order to be able to cross out the furry head. “Cat power participate in,” Suzanne told her with a grin. “You be the victor in.” With that, she turned off the light and tried to sleep.


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