August 2018
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“Carla. Carla, wake up!”
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And still smiling, Luke pulled me in for another of those wonderful kisses and once again, time seemed to stand still.
I closed my eyes and tilted my superior, giving him more access. A swanky melt moan fell from my lips.
Rather than listing them off, Sandy picked up the little bar menu. “There is a list here,” she said as she moved alongside Suzanne. Opening it up to the page, she turn away it down on the table next to Suzanne and leaned over as she ran her finger down the list. The side of her body brushed against Suzanne. “Here they are. We experience some tidy ones,” she said as she looked past at Suzanne.
“Carla. Carla, wake up!”
“You’d better or by the livin’ Jeezus you will assign your ass freezing in some Alaskan deep debar over-looking the Behring Straits and Russia. Now what nearby the other individual, and don’t tell me it was BillyBob?”
“Well I met this lass and she’s, well she’s amazing. I don’t even know where to start! When she smiles at me I judge like my heart’s prevalent to dynamite up. She’s just this tiny scanty thing, but she fills up the whole room with her energy. When I’m with her I just thirst to hold her and well…well.”


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