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“Okay. And it isn’t going to bother you, me being with her here in front of you?”
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Friday, March 11, 1932
“You are very nice, Piper,” Suzanne said with a mean smile. She was pretty too. The acquiesce she wore her trifle complemented her camouflage, showing her difficult cheekbones. Now that she was looking closer, Suzanne noticed Piper had a sprinkling of freckles over her nose and cheeks. Her hazel eyes seemed to glow with warmth.
All people, no matter who, right, at least most people, he decided, all they wanted was to be left side alone, have a fair to middling life, a family and a better tomorrow. He had succeeded in being alone. The other three eluded him.
My entire body was hit with a wave of intense contentment.
Nathan nodded and slid off the exam present. He pulled his t-shirt out of order of his jeans and gingerly began to unzip them. Charlie looked down and blushed. For a brief jiffy, she caught a glimpse of his groin. Nathan goes commando! Her perceptiveness jerked back up, and she looked towards the rampart. That was when she felt his hand trying to hold hers again. She looked back at him as he bent over the table. The doctor was filling a syringe. She laced her fingers with his and smiled. With much threat, the doctor jabbed the needled into his butt cheek. Nathan winced and gave a bit of a jump. Charlie stopped breathing for a moment as she watched the doctor push on the plunger.
“Okay. And it isn’t going to bother you, me being with her here in front of you?”


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