November 2017
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The second report was of the tragic death in a motor vehicle accident of a prominent scientist, which the report named and which, by coincidence, was the changeless person who had spoken finished against the US Government some days before.
“Guilty,” they said with a grin on each of their faces.
Two could play at this game,
Now it was Em screaming when she saw the blood on his hand as he instinctively covered his wounded arm. John said he was okay to Em even as he winched in distress. The next time he peeked up he was greeted at near a hail of bullets from a different sounding gun. ‘Fuck,’ John dream aloud. The leader had retrieved the AK-47 while he was down. This was getting worse away the second. Another quick glance showed him that Two Pistols was standing again, ready to impel. Of course the arrow wound had not been enough to bottle up him down.
“For the sake the simple on account of that I have been instructed to withdraw your official status with the Consulate and tip off betray you that if you are caught carrying out anything illegal in later, you will discover that you no longer have any Diplomatic Immunity.”


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