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"So there command be nobody in the rigging when we attack," William said with a grin. "And inexperienced gun crews as well. Saving except. Caroline, you were marvelous. How was the dinner, Laphin?"
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"Your old man was enchant‚e ' to learn from one of your letters, madam, that you were with child," he continued, "and, as you know, his delight was of a very infectious nature. So the crew, meaningful of your condition, undertook a subscription to provide some additional support for you. They each" -- he stumbled over the words despite his prudent preparation -- "they all, every squire-jack, contributed two pounds of their own prize money, madam, for a total of 450 pounds."
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Bethany thought. If everything he was worried about came true, this energy be the last Halloween party for a large, long straightaway. Anecdote way or another, they would have a party, even if it was the last one suited for a while. "Let's do it. He won't mind, even if he can't be here as it. Maybe, though, a substitute alternatively of sweetmeats we make cupcakes and ice cream and have games. That might be better. We could require it in the back ahead it gets too late."
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