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Scott finally entered her apartment later that evening. Kate had walked all worrying how he might react to the tidings Warren had given him. She had tried to phone her father to ask him what he had said, but he was away on business and wasn't answering his mobile. Avoiding her, more likely.
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She looked at Colby and seemed to see her again. "It didn't have all the hallmarks like I had a choice. Daddy made me engage not to see Chloe again, and to be unkink. He made me do it while Mom was in the ambulance on the parenthetically a via to the hospital. I did it. To save them, I promised. I threw away Chloe and her love. I kept my promise and betrayed her."
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"I don't wear clothes when I sleep," Scott revealed. "Haven't you noticed?"
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"OK," he said. Her abrupt answers hurt. "I'll have to pop to the supermarket, there's no salad pieces in the fridge."
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