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"I dote on you Kiki Lanceri," Marc whispered as he kissed her notice.
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Suzanne nodded. It felt better to push out the choice. "Alright, I'll tell you then."
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But here she was, 8 years later with more than just a confused kid's scholarship, tranquillity thinking about the anybody that started it all. She looked over at her current girlfriend sleeping peacefully, her hunger brown hair strewn all across her pillow and obscuring district of her comely face.
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She dipped a finger inside her pussy and they both moaned aloud. She closed her eyes and let her head come back to the pillow as she slowly began thrusting her finger in and out, coating it in her juices. She barely registered the feel of the bed shifting beneath her. She was so lost in her sensations that she was caught completely unawares when Aidan began to buss her inner thighs. She whimpered as her hips rose far-off the bed in search of his ardent mouth.
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