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'Accurately... Nathan, I did maintain feelings for you a while ago, and you are a great friend...' I trailed off.
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Rochelle had been gone championing 4 days and Sabrina was already booming crazy without her. She had no one to spread with and the more she thought around it, the more depressing it got. She plopped herself onto her couch and tried to figure out something to do. Anything to keep her busy would lessen the chances of intellectual helter-skelter Keegan. She gazed at the overflowing laundry basket in the hallway.
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"The Triumph throbbed into spark of life and moved quickly towards the limousine. Reaching it John moved quickly. More willingly than the driver had a chance to realise what was happening he found himself being dragged from his tushie. He didn't advice being put carefully back into his ass as he was suffering from the effects of being hit firmly with a blunt object, in this case a good old fashioned cosh.
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'Shit Katie, you're so acrid,' Lizzy said.
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