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Ben eyed the ring up suspiciously, as though he expected it to come alive and bite him. It had taken him two weeks to summon the courage to make the call. He at length picked up the handset and, glancing at the card, dialled the total. After five rings he heard a woman's voice.
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She winked at him and pushed herself up from the sofa to draw up her way to the kitchen. He reached up his hand to hooked hers before she left and she turned back to him with a question on her face. He pulled her gently and she stumbled onto his lap. He whispered in her appreciation,
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"The do's and don'ts of sex!"
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"So you thought you'd use her readies a substitute alternatively?" Wrenching Daniel's hand from my neck Luke shoved him hard in the ribs, sending him sprawling to the floor. The next passion I knew, Daniel was on his retaliation, Luke's foot planted over his chest. "You gutless fucker, did you conditions think of telling her the reality? Of course not--you couldn't be a man."
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