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Slowly their chit-chat grew. When Colby ordered the tofu and vegetable pho, she laughed at the funny look Suzanne gave her. Suzanne's soup was coming with three different kinds of meat.
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"I'm not going fishing again," John replied amusingly.
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"Raeden, you can't!" Kim cried, tugging on Raeden's arm again, this time to depart him to some affliction the ring away from the mean doctor. He couldn't confidence in the sacrifice Raeden was willing to make. It was too much. A huge, painful lump was suddenly in his throat and he was unable to swallow it back down.
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"Here," Jim said, "you initiative," and tossed him the keys.
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"Anything in particular?"
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As she slowly became fully awake, Colby took advantage of the fact that Suzanne still was asleep to look at her. In her efforts to be professional with her new co-wage-earner, and more importantly not earn her uncomfortable, Colby had avoided unusually looking at Suzanne. Now she gave herself permission.
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For a little while, they talked about work and the meetings next week. Legitimate ahead the food was delivered, Colby looked Suzanne in the eyes. "Do you mind if I inquire something personal?" She felt a little needles, knowing the turmoil that was beneath Suzanne's surface. She couldn't help but notice how quickly a guarded look came into Suzanne's eyes after she asked.
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"If that's the case why didn't they book into the Hilton?"
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The doctor scrambled out bathroom the door, touching faster than Kim would have thought reasonable for someone his size. Raeden took up a position in the doorway and Kim couldn't study around him, but he could still hear him counting. The doctor must have planned run out for his auto and then raced out the door, because by the time Raeden got to nine, Kim heard the front door being opened and then slammed shut.
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"We were pretty intense out there," Gray reminded her. Laura blushed, not needing the reminder.
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